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Our follow up book to ‘Granny was a Brothel Keeper’ , snappily titled ‘Grandad did a Dastardly Deed’ has now been published! See our book page for more details.

We are a team of experienced family history researchers, who offer a number of options for discovering your family history roots.

Our Research Options.

Set Packages.

Tracing your family history can be a costly business, but English Roots Finder offer two set packages, Silver and Gold. These are a very economical way of discovering your roots and have the advantage that you will know how much it will cost you in advance. When we have completed our research, the results will be drawn together in a presentation folder. For further details look at our Set Packages page.

Gift Vouchers.

The set packages also make an unusual gift for a friend or relation. We have gift voucher packs, which we will post to you or straight to the recipient if this is preferred. See our Gift Voucher Pack page for further details.

Tailored Research

We also provide a Tailored Research service. For example you may wish us to research for you where you have hit a stumbling block; or you may wish to do some research yourself perhaps using on-line resources, but require us to undertake a record office or other archive search. In all circumstances we will agree a budget with you up front, prior to any costs being incurred. See our Tailored Research page for more details.

All our research is performed using only data in the public domain. We own the copyright in the presentation of the data.